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    0900 Fax 08 666 200 777 S A F C E C 011 455 2757 Tenders 08 66 22 13 28 Reception 08 66 23 16 72 Account Enquiries E mail admin safcec org za Physical address Postal Address 3rd Floor SAFCEC House P O Box 644 12 Skeen Boulevard Bedfordview 2008 Click here to download directions to our National Office MEMBERSHIP NEWS FEED MEMBERS AREA BRANCHES CONTACT INFO Membership (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : FAQ
    Mixer Operator Continuous Flight Auger Operator Batch Plant Operator Concrete Dumper Operator Concrete Pump Operator Tower Crane Operator General Premix Roller Operator Milling Machine Operator Paver Operator Excavator Operator Front End Loader Operator TLB Operator Dozer Operator Grader Operator general Gunite Nozzle person Driver Grade II Motorcycle Driver Tractor Driver Light Motor Vehicle Driver Driver Operator Heavy Duty Driver rigid Extra Heavy Driver rigid Site Support Material Tester Task Grade 5 Patterson B2 Construction Hand Grade 1 Shutter Hand Grade I Piling Auger Machine Operator Reinforcing Hand Grade I Pipe Layer Grade 1 Kerb Layer Grade 1 Civil Construction Brick Layer Grade 1 Operator Grade II Mobile Crane Operator Screed Operator Scraper Operator Driver Grade 1 Heavy Duty Driver articulated Extra Heavy Duty Driver articulated Site Support Assistant Surveyor Task Grade 6 Patterson B3 Operator Grade 1 Grader Operator final level Task Grade 7 Patterson B4 Supervisor Grade II Plant Serviceman Task Grade 8 Patterson B5 Supervisor Grade I Task grade 9 Patterson C1 Artisan Diesel Mechanic Fitter Turner Auto Electrician Boilermaker Welder Q What happens if it rains What does inclement weather mean Rain Days A From 1 September 2012 no deduction may be made for any inclement weather and employees will therefore be entitled to their ordinary wage for the day although no work or only partial work could be performed Arrangements until 1 September 2012 Arrangements from 1 September 2010 Where the employee reports for work but no work is possible 7 hours must be paid provided the employee has remained at the workplace during this period if requested by the employer to remain Where the employee reports for work but is release by the employer before the end of the 7 hour time period then the employee must still receive payment for 7 hours Where an employee reports for work he she will always receive at least payment for 7 hours Where work resumes before 7 hours has lapsed the employee must be paid for the actual inactive hours and the hours worked subject to a minimum of 7 hours on any one day Where work is stopped after the first 7 hours of the day the actual hours worked on the day must be paid Where no work is possible over an extended period the employee is entitled to payment of two thirds of normal hours i e 30 hours in any one week Q What Bonus has to be paid in December 20 working days An employee whose employment is terminated through no fault of his or her own through retrenchment retirement disability or death shall be entitled to a pro rata bonus payment If an employee is dismissed is he she entitled to a bonus A NO Q What does AVERAGING HOURS OF WORK mean A The sectoral determination stipulates Despite clauses 8 9 the ordinary hours of work and overtime of an employee may be averaged over a period of up to four months in terms of a collective agreement An employer (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Sector Determination
    Sector South Africa was published in the Government Gazette No 26049 of 20 February 2004 It may be accessed on this Website by clicking the button below Sectoral Determination 2 Civil Engineering Sector Sectoral Determination Consolidated 2010 Wage Agreement 2012 13 Wage schedule 2012 13 Minimum wages for all Employees in the Civil Engineering Sector Bonus Calaculation and Public Holidays MEMBERSHIP NEWS FEED MEMBERS AREA BRANCHES CONTACT INFO Membership Associated (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Industry Shut Down
    17 June Public holiday Monday 9 August National Women s Day 24 September Heritage Day 16 December Day of Reconciliation 25 December Christmas Day 26 December Day of Goodwill All public holidays falling on working day are paid public holidays The Public Holidays Act Act No 36 of 1994 determines whenever any public holiday falls on a Sunday the Monday following on it shall be a public holiday The Recommended (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Collective Agreements
    Schedule Retirement Fund Urgent Notifications Collective Agreements Click on the links below to download the relevant document National Negotiating Forum for the Civil Engineering Industry NNF Collective Agreement 4 Aug 2010 NNF Agreement 15 July 09 31 Aug 2011 NNF Collective Agreement 1 Sept 09 31 Aug 2010 MEMBERSHIP NEWS FEED MEMBERS AREA BRANCHES CONTACT INFO Membership Associated Members Tender Information CPAF Join now SAFCEC in the news Schedule of (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Wage Schedule
    R757 Wage Schedule September 2010 to August 2013 Wage Schedule 2012 13 The new minimum hourly rates for Task 2 9 will be effective from 1 September 2012 shall be as follows Task Grade 2 R20 60 Task Grade 3 R21 17 Task Grade 4 R21 89 Task Grade 5 R26 19 Task Grade 6 R29 74 Task Grade 7 R34 06 Task Grade 8 R38 19 Task Grade 9 (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Retirement Fund
    Transformation Economics Tender registration News Events INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS FAQ Sectoral Determination Industry Shutdown Collective Agreements Wage Schedule Retirement Fund Urgent Notifications Retirement Fund The Construction Industry Retirement Benefit Fund Membership Booklet MEMBERSHIP NEWS FEED MEMBERS AREA BRANCHES CONTACT INFO Membership Associated Members Tender Information CPAF Join now SAFCEC in the news Schedule of Events Conference Newsletter Archive News and Events Gallery North Kwazulu Natal Western Cape Eastern Cape T 011 (2013-04-03)

  • Industrial Relations : Urgent notifications
    and Employees alike on behalf of the Industry through our visible presence at the gathering at the Chamber of Mines on 4 October 2011 This national march shall affect the Gauteng region only 2 The President of SAFCEC shall be in attendance to accept the memorandum from NUM on behalf of the Industry 3 The President Mr Roy McLintock shall address the gathering in short on the SAFCECs approach and philosophy to Health and Safety in our industry 4 The health and safety practitioners in the region of our members shall be invited to attend the memorial service in solidarity on behalf of the industry 5 We agreed that we would recommend to our members to send a small delegation of employees on paid time i e NUM members and Health and Safety practitioners to the march and service on the explicit understanding that work on sites would not be disrupted 6 Where no such agreements have been entered into SAFCEC reiterated that a No work no pay policy would apply notwithstanding our support and show of solidarity in the interest of safe working practices and mourning the deaths of employees 7 The Union will discuss with its constituency not to declare the day a day of Non production for the Civil engineering industry if at all possible and shall revert by Monday 3 October 2011 in this regard For your information we understand the day has been declared a non production day for the Mining Industry Please note that this approach has been discussed with Mr Roy McLintock and is aimed to manage the matter in the interest of our members and importantly to create awareness of our support for matters of Health and Safety I trust that you would support this positive approach We await the response of (2013-04-03)