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  • C-Boards Routered Small Parts
    a 1 1 scale pdf of the part Preferably the part should be a solid black object on a white background Router path with sprues The green lines show the router path as calculated by our software The three grey lines on the outside have been put in as sprues so that the part is connected to the panel The spots are too small for the router We use a 1 6mm router and the spots are 1 5 mm They will be drilled with a 1 5 mm drill Here is the jobcard Sample Routered Jobcard Outline Design If you are only able to produce a pdf of the outline of your part we would router up to the edge of the outline This is probably not what you want and your object would end up being slightly bigger and the holes slightly smaller Bucket Filled Outline To overcome the outline issue you can make the line width 0 05 mm We can the bucket fill the interior to produce a solid object The interior and black outline will be combined to produce a solid object The object will still be oversized by half the line width but this

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